Market Intelligence | Manufacturing Growth Programme

The Manufacturing Growth Programme has been able to support over 3610 SME manufacturers in England since October 2016.

Here are some of the growth impacts the programme has supported:

October 2016 – March 2019

Anticipated Projected Outcomes

Jobs Created

Jobs Forecasted

New to Firm Products

SME Size

Areas for Improvement identified

Completed Projects = 2999


Oct-16 55
Nov-16 170
Dec-16 249
Jan-17 333
Feb-17 436
Mar-17 557
Apr-17 67
May-17 799
Jun-17 942
Jul-17 1,081
Aug-17 1,222
Sep-17 1,369
Oct-17 1,499
Nov-17 1,631
Dec-17 1,735
Jan-18 1,855
Feb-18 1,974
Mar-18 2,102
Apr-18 2,234
May-18 2,368
Jun-18 2,503
Jul-18 2,642
Aug-18 2,779
Sep-18 2,907


Very Satisfied 97%


Satisfaction Total
Very Satisfied 97%
Satisfied 2%

SME Turnover

Support Received

Project Satisfaction

Manufacturing Barometer

We have joined forces with the South West Manufacturing Advisory Service (SWMAS) to deliver a quarterly survey directed at the senior decision makers of SME manufacturing companies across England.

The Manufacturing Barometer maps confidence, trends and opinions from within the manufacturing industry where the findings are used to help lobby local and national Government to ensure that SME manufacturers are receiving more of the right support they need to grow within an ever competitive environment.

The findings from these surveys will be used to help shape the future of support programmes. Each quarter the survey looks at a ‘special focus’ relating to current news or activities from within the sector and/or economy.

Download the latest Manufacturing Barometer Reports:

National Manufacturing Barometer Winter 2018-19
National Manufacturing Barometer Autumn 2018-19
National Manufacturing Barometer Summer 2018-19
National Manufacturing Barometer Spring 2017-18
National Manufacturing Barometer Winter 2017
National Manufacturing Barometer Autumn 2017
National Manufacturing Barometer Summer 2017