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International Women’s Day 8th March

We are proud to support International Women’s Day and #EmbraceEquity.

We wanted to connect with our wide network of female business leaders.

We asked #WomenInManufacturing for their views & their advice for future female manufacturers!

Thank you to all of our contributors to our #WomenInManufacturing campaign for sharing your advice, experience and challenges.

We are proud to state that the majority of our contributors are clients of the Manufacturing Growth Programme or our stakeholders.


What advice can you give to women who are considering a career in manufacturing?

“Grab the opportunity with two hands and go for it. Whether you will be in the office, production or warehouse – no two days will ever be the same. Whichever department you will be predominantly working in, make sure you volunteer for work experience in a totally different department of the company, so you understand and appreciate all the ins and outs of the business.”

Tamara Madylus-Truman, Marketing and Sales Co-ordinator, Blackfriars Bakery Ltd



“I really believe in personal development, you can go to work and pick training or anything up, but I actually think if you want to move on in life, then you’ve got to be really accountable and go and develop yourself. I’m 51 and I still spend an awful amount of time on training, on developing, joining networking groups and learning. I always think I am learning something everyday that is going to shape the future and the business.”

Fiona Conor, MD, Trust Electric Heating


“Go for it, we need more … all my life I’ve put myself in male dominated industries construction, industrial and now manufacturing, it is great I get to design and innovate my own products and really see thing come alive especially solving problems that needed by many people worldwide.”

Deborah Chester, CEO, Rimpro-tec Wheelbands Limited




“You are never too old! Keep yourself fit mentally and physically, make a plan and stick to it. The rest will come if these are in place but be patient.”

Lisa Driver, CEO, Founder, Booyah Vitality Trading Limited




Can you share an experience that you are proud of?

“Our proudest achievement was winning the Queens Award for Enterprise last year for the innovation of our Eco Warrior range which has reformulated traditionally liquid products into bar form, eliminating the need for unnecessary plastic bottles, tubs and tubes.”

Emma Heathcote-James,Founder, CEO, Little Soap Company


“Achieving consecutively the highest (AA)grades in audits. Seeing an idea developed into a new successful product with your input.”

Tejal Chauhan, Technical Manager, Spicentice Ltd





“I’m most proud of starting up our own manufacturing facility in Leicestershire following being let down by our supplier. Literally overnight I purchased a wax melting tank and knew nothing about making candles. Within 6 months we’d perfected the candle making process and produced a much better product. Today we have the capacity to make 10,000 candles a week!”.

Tajinder Banwait, Founder & Managing Director, Urban Apothecary Limited


“I am incredibly proud of our efforts to source sustainable, recycled materials and to re-shore more of our production year in year whilst still creating unique bespoke merchandise for our clients.”

Susanne Langley, Director, Juniper Trading Ltd





“I love introducing my consulting clients to new ideas and seeing them grow. I was also very proud to be nominated as an Inspiring Woman in manufacturing and to receive all the good wishes from my clients.”

Abigail Nicola Levin, Consultant and mentor to senior executives in manufacturing companies, Abigail Levin Consultancy ltd



What challenge/s have you faced as a woman in manufacturing?


“Being underestimated and dismissed as a serious buyer.”

Katy Moss, MD, Trent Refractories Ltd





“There are very few of us at the moment so you need to be comfortable in a room full of men and be prepared to hold your own and get your point across.”

Anne Ford, MD, PGM Reball Ltd

“A woman in the beer industry is tough. Men often ask to speak to the boss, you are often overlooked and it is assumed you are the admin…”

Kerry Campling, Founder, Time & Tide Brewing, Time & Tide Taphouse






“Lack of female representation and gender discrimination leading to instances of not being taken seriously by male counterparts, receiving less diverse input and voice from the team in discussions. Having the authority and expertise questioned or undermined just due to the stereotype of a ‘woman boss’. Being judged harshly for firm decisions which, when coming from women, seem to be seen more negatively than from men leaders.”

Anonymous contributor, Managing Director, (name, business and location not stated for privacy).

“Having to continuously prove yourself, being taken for granted. It is surely not a level playing field so more effort is expected to prove you deserve to be where you are.”

Anonymous contributor, CEO & Founder, (name, business and location not stated for privacy).


Thank you to everyone that has contributed to our #WomenInManufacturing campaign 2023!.

More information on International Women’s Day and #EmbraceEquity can be found here: IWD: International Women’s Day 2023 campaign theme: #EmbraceEquity (internationalwomensday.com)