Warwickshire hydraulic manufacturer implements lean manufacturing processes with funding from MGP | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Trident Hydraulics Ltd use state-of-the-art 3D Solidworks CAD & FEA software to develop high-spec hydraulic systems and controls. Their bespoke manifold blocks are designed and manufactured in-house by ‘Trident Machining’. This enables a rapid turnaround time and ensures their exacting standards are adhered to.

All their valves and hydraulic systems are assembled by trained and experienced technicians ensuring high quality, they work with both large and small companies from a wide variety of different industries.

The business sought help from the Manufacturing Growth Programme to implement lean techniques and to also improve their marketing tactics. They were supported by Michelle Connor, Manufacturing Growth Manager for the Coventry and Warwickshire region. Michelle has provided a detailed business diagnostic review using the market leading tool GROWTHmapper®. The results of the review highlighted change and quality as areas for improvement. Michelle used these findings to provide the business with a two-part action plan to support their quality management system and lean manufacturing processes.

The programme was able to part-fund the cost of a business improvement project that was conducted by an external expert. The project focused on the implementation of ISO 9001 and development of lean manufacturing processes. The implementation of ISO 9001 has contributed to the design and development of new products and enhanced the functionality of their existing products. They have also gone on to develop the capacity further by implementing lean manufacturing processes.  Furthermore, the business has created 4 new roles because of the improvements made.

Michelle commented on her time with the business, “This is a great example of how targeted business support can help a manufacturer unlock new opportunities and build the capacity in the warehouse to allow the business to grow and increase production.”

Mike Forster, Managing Director of Trident Hydraulics added, “The capacity in the unit has increased by 30%, partly thanks to the grant provided by MGP by enabling us to develop our processes, we’ve seen a significantly increased appetite for new products across our markets. Our increased capacity has allowed us to fully capitalise on this increased demand.”

Future plans for the business involve sourcing more funding that will enable the business to acquire new machinery.

More details on Trident Hydraulics Ltd will be available at www.tridenthydraulics.co.uk