Sales doubled & new employment opportunities created for UK canopy manufacturer as staycations soared in 2021 | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Kinver Canopies are manufacturers, historically of bespoke narrowboat and wide beam boat covers, and hoods for automotive. They now have two divisions; ‘Marina and Garden’, and have extended their product portfolio to light goods, canvas covers for leisure craft, outside covers and seating.

The business has experienced a vast increase in sales during 2021. Managing Director Ian Underwood stated that this increase was, “Probably due to lack of European and International holidays being taken and people buying boats to holiday in UK, also refurbishing boats already owned instead”. Alongside boat canopies, the business also manufactures covers for aeroplanes and garden gazebo sides for members of the public with home bars.

Due to their rapid growth and desire to expand on their garden furniture production, the business sought help from the Manufacturing Growth Programme to overcome their challenges to growth.

Manufacturing Growth Manager for the Black Country Region, Helen Fortune was able to support them and help them gain capital grant funding. The funding was used to part-fund the purchase an Orion Flatbed CNC table and arm. The new equipment will predominately assist with the repeat manufacture of material elements of wooden garden structures with removable hard-wearing covers.

Helen commented, “With this new equipment Kinver Canopies can mass produce identical canvas covers for their own designed wooden garden pods, plus they can digitise all their duplicate work they already have. Alongside this they can speed up the manufacturing time as the staff who would be cutting out can now be assembling the products.

“Computerising their new and current repeat work templates will enable them to offer faster delivery times to customers and help them to expand their product portfolio. This will massively increase their productivity and allow scope for more marketing and diversity”.

A management structure has now also been implemented with room for future expansion and they have already taken on one new member of staff. Future improvements for the business include branching into new sectors, conducting staff training and hiring two more new employees.

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