Barometer Good News – Spring Europe | Manufacturing Growth Programme

The Customer

Spring (Europe) Limited has been making pump controllers for the window cleaning industry for 15 years. They like to design and manufacture as much of the product in house as possible. Spring also designs and builds electronics for other customers, including power, security, metal detection and access control industries.

The Challenge

The greatest challenge facing Spring in 2021 is the sourcing of components to keep up with demand. This has meant extensive forward planning as global demand has outstripped global supply. The other big challenge is to improve both their manufacturing times and efficiency to keep up with high volume of orders.

Positive Changes

Spring has increased the frequency of the purchasing and stock review process to keep up with the changing market conditions. Spring has also looked to increase the number of production staff to keep up with orders. Recent investments include an A0 Laser cutter for plastics to reduce production times on many parts previously machined using a CNC machine.

Future Plans

Spring intends to upgrade its MRP system to improve integration of information across all aspects of the business. This should allow end to end continuity of order information, from sales to dispatch, making the process easier to access, control and measure.

Phil Napper commented “At Spring we proud of our products and market position. We strive to deliver great products and service even under the difficult conditions caused by the pandemic. We are grateful to all our customers for their on-going support.”

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