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The Manufacturing Barometer maps confidence, trends and opinions from within the manufacturing industry where the findings are used to help lobby local and national Government to ensure that SME manufacturers are receiving more of the right support they need to grow within an ever competitive environment.

Each quarter the survey looks at a ‘special focus’ relating to current news or activities from within the sector and/or economy.


Shaping the future of SME Manufacturing


Brexit uncertainty weighs heavy on SME manufacturers looking to recover from Covid-19

The Manufacturing Barometer, the largest survey of SME manufacturers in England, showed that whilst many businesses are still facing challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic, for others, the marketplace has picked up slightly over recent months.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of respondents reported a reduction in profits between April and September, but over a quarter of companies actually saw an increase throughout this period.

Forecasts around staff retention are showing signs of improvement across the sector. Although 18% of respondents still predict a need to reduce their workforce, this has halved from the 36% who predicted this back in July. In fact, almost a third are now expecting to employ additional staff within this period; a vast increase from the 7% who predicted this in April’s Barometer survey.

Future investment predictions are also more positive than they have been since the COVID-19 crisis began, and show a resilience amongst SME manufacturers, but this report indicates that the manufacturing sector is not yet back to its pre-pandemic position…


This survey collected 409 responses from SME manufacturing businesses in England between 19th – 30th October 2020.

Download the National Manufacturing Barometer report here: Q2 2020 – 21

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