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Manufacturing Barometer

The Manufacturing Barometer maps confidence, trends and opinions from within the manufacturing industry where the findings are used to help lobby local and national Government to ensure that SME manufacturers are receiving more of the right support they need to grow within an ever competitive environment.

The findings from these surveys will be used to help shape the future of support programmes. Each quarter the survey looks at a ‘special focus’ relating to current news or activities from within the sector and/or economy.


Robotics – a blind spot for SME Manufacturers?

The latest Manufacturing Barometer is live and we’d love to hear from you on your businesses future sales and investment.

Last quarter’s survey revealed that with a shortage of talent to recruit, manufacturers are prioritising the development of their existing processes and the skills of their existing staff to help them achieve their growth plans.

This quarter, the Manufacturing Barometer explores robots and their potential to enable manufacturing SMEs to build capacity and meet their growth objectives.

The government’s industrial strategy has a digital revolution and Industry 4.0 at its core but what does this really mean for SME manufacturers who make up 99% of the sector?
The UK is the 9th largest manufacturing nation in the world but is ranked 22nd worldwide amongst users of industrial robots. Is robotics a blind spot to UK SME manufacturers, or does the sector have differing priorities to government?

Are you embracing robots, or have you already decided they won’t work for you, perhaps you are unsure where to start? 

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The survey should take no more than 7 minutes to complete and the findings from this survey will be used to help shape future support for the manufacturing industry.

Click the link before it closes on Wednesday 16th October 2019.