Stoke-on-Trent Chocolatier triples their daily production of chocolate after internal investment despite COVID-19 | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Daniel’s Delights is an exciting family venture founded in 2007 from the kitchen table of its CEO Ken Harrison and his wife Jen, through various investments the business has been gathering momentum.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused various challenges for many manufacturers across the country, however, with the company’s determination for safety and success, the businesses growth has not been deterred.

Like many businesses Daniel’s Delights are adapting to a ‘new normal’ and conducting their business within the restrictions of social distancing. As they commence production, concerns were growing around keeping their staff safe and motivated, maintaining customer retention, while finding access to finance and continuing to meet the expectations of their customers and suppliers.

The governments furlough scheme assisted the business, without it they would of had to make redundancies across the business. Alongside the furlough scheme, capital repayment holidays on loans and the bounce back loan supported by government helped support their cashflow while supporting their short-term working capital requirements.

Prior to the pandemic, Daniel’s Delights has been focussed on its growth. For the past four years they have been working closely with the Manufacturing Growth Programme and the wider Staffordshire business support programmes available.

Phil Somers, Manufacturing Growth Manager for the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP), has supported the business by helping them to access grant funding towards the cost of business improvement projects for marketing and accreditation whilst also supporting their capital investment opportunities.

Recently receiving a grant towards the purchase of a 2000kg chocolate melting and holding tank, this has allowed the company to triple their daily production of chocolate. To further improve this process, it was identified that an automated box making machine was required to automate the packaging of the chocolate.

Daniel’s Delights have developed on their recovery plans which involve immediate plans to maintain their staffing while responding to changes in buyer behaviour and increase their online presence to increase sales.

Under normal circumstances the business would seek to increase market presence, volumes, and profitability. But with recovery being at the forefront of their strategic plans, new opportunities have swiftly been created and implemented by the dynamic Chocolatier.

Continuing to receive support from the Manufacturing Growth Programme they are in the process of reviewing their 5-year plan, factoring in the economic downturn and the loss of at least one quarter trading during this financial year.

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