Shropshire electrical motor firm set to double | Manufacturing Growth Programme

A Shropshire company that is the world leader in software used to design electric motors used in cars, trains and aeroplanes is moving to bigger premises as part of a plan to double its workforce to more than 30 people in the next three years.

Motor Design’s Motor-CAD software is used by Formula One teams, most of the world’s biggest car makers and aerospace giants, such as Rolls-Royce, to keep pushing the boundaries of performance and efficiency in the continued development of electric motors.

The Ellesmere-based company, which has been supported by the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP), currently employs 15 people but is having to gear up to meet demand and the first stage will be to move to new bigger premises within the next six months.

Managing Director Dr Dave Staton says that the business has gone about assembling a team of experts in the field of electric motor design and has been hugely successful as a result – and it is working with the MGP to develop a management infrastructure to take it to the next level.

“We are very proud that a company in Shropshire has become a world leader in developing advanced software and tools for designing electrical machines,” said Dr Staton.

“We are running out of space in our current premises, and we need to move to new bigger premises. This goes hand-in-hand with developing a better management infrastructure to enable us to keep growing.

“The Manufacturing Growth Programme has been fantastic for accessing funding, which has allowed us to work with experts in business management. This has enabled us to put a series of measures in place that support the growth and sustainability of our company.”

MGP Manufacturing Growth Manager Catherine Bray said that Motor Design is a classic example of a business with fantastic engineering talent that has developed a world-class software package – and it now needs all the other things in place to double its workforce in the next three years.

She said: “Dave and the other directors have been a pleasure to work with because they recognise the gaps in their business’ capabilities. Rather than trying to do it themselves they’ve asked for help so that they can continue growing and leading the world in software that supports the development of electric motors in the automotive, rail and aerospace industries.”

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