North Yorkshire Manufacturer answers plea for PPE from Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Pd-m International Ltd are a Yorkshire based manufacturing business. Specialising in the creation of smart products that people need. Their ethos is to make lives better, their creations range between life-saving medical devices, problem-solving industrial tools, to helpful baby products.

At the start of the UK’s outbreak of Covid-19, Pd-m International Ltd was contacted by a surgeon working at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, the surgeon and his colleagues found themselves in a desperate situation.

Pd-m International Ltd was quick to analyse the market to see what types of face shields were being produced at pace. Also, with the Country in lockdown the supply chain was of great concern.

Richard Hall, MD for Pd-m International Ltd was well-placed to research, design and create a new re-usable face shield out of clinical grade materials. It needed to be safe, easy to use and produced on mass.

The Manufacturing Business worked closely back and forth with the surgeon to finesse the face shield design. The final design is lightweight, adjustable, and easily cleaned.

The Business funded the production of an initial 1,500 face shields, many of these were donated to Harrogate Hospital and St George’s Hospital in London.

Pd-m International Ltd have successfully gained a CE mark for the PPE.

“Sadly Covid-19 has affected people from all walks of life. When it unravelled, as a team we felt pretty helpless, especially when we knew that people close to the business were on the front line. I think this project shows the Pd-m team at their best; being agile, focused and delivering world-class innovation. As the business leader I have been humbled by the dedication of my team working together through difficult circumstances. We’re happy that we’ve done our bit”.

— Richard Hall, MD, Pd-m International Ltd.

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