Midlands manufacturer secures grant funding to support their rapid growth and company re-branding opportunities | Manufacturing Growth Programme

TP Soundproofing Ltd have encountered rapid growth as a result of their actions to further develop their products. At the same time, they are also transforming their company branding.

Recognising that they are facing some unique challenges to their business’s growth, they contacted the Manufacturing Growth Programme to access grant funding to maximise these opportunities.

Set up in 2011, TP Soundproofing Ltd is a specialist manufacturer and installer of high-quality soundproofing and sound reduction systems. Their soundproofing solutions are used on walls, ceilings, floors, and entire rooms. Their full-service business includes a consultancy which provides advice about the most effective way to deal with noise; based on their knowledge of acoustics, building construction, material manufacturing process, and the installation process. Their service includes electrics, plastering, carpentry and decorating.

The business manufactures their own range of soundproofing systems. Their frame system is the most advanced, effective soundproofing system on the market, designed and developed exclusively by their own expert team.  Their determination and focus on product development that has led to rapid growth over the years.

Due to an unfortunate dispute over their company name with another organisation, the company have seized an opportunity to re-brand and rename their business, Quietco is set to be the new brand of the business.

Jim Prior, the Managing Director of TP Soundproofing Ltd was looking to develop the online presence for the business to support the new company name and brand to engage his customer base and attract new customers.

“TP Soundproofing has struggled to access any funding in terms of their business due to the way it’s set up. MGP has been able to step in and support the business with branding, digital marketing consultancy and grant opportunities”, said, Michelle Connor, Manufacturing Growth Manager of the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP).

The SME manufacturer has ambitious growth aspirations over the next 2 to 3 years having committed substantial resources into innovating, designing and manufacturing a range of unique soundproofing solutions. The manufacturing and installation process have been extensively market tested and have delivered great results.

To find out more about TP Soundproofing Ltd visit www.tpsoundproofing.co.uk