MGP supports award-winning Hertfordshire manufacturer with preparations for delivering €1 million contract amidst Covid-19 challenges | Manufacturing Growth Programme

A huge contract from Romania has been won by Freeform Fabrication at a time when many manufacturers are navigating the difficulties that Covid-19 has created.

Business owner Efrat Sharon admits to having concerns about her business at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Efrat found that although they had a little “quiet time”, they are now busy. After hearing that they had won an enormous contract of €1 million from Romania to build an advanced manufacturing laboratory, the business has recruited further staff and brought in a new product line.

Efrat engaged with the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP), as she sought to refocus on business growth after restructuring the company. She decided to work with a business coach to help with new sales and marketing strategies, and to build their profitability.

Using the grant funding available from MGP, their improvement project has helped them to refocus, to set clear goals and timescales, and to plan effectively for growing the business. Winning the new contract has meant they can also use what they have learned through the coaching process to enhance their planning for successful delivery of this complex project and target future projects at a larger scale.

Amanda Freeland, Manufacturing Growth Manager in the Hertfordshire region for the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP), assisted the company to access the grant funding available from MGP. The grant funding awarded to SME manufacturers, is used specifically for improving their business growth. Amanda carried out a strategic business review using MGP’s GROWTHmapper business diagnostic tool. This process helps to find out what is working well in a business and what are their key areas for improvement, allowing manufacturers to focus their efforts ‘on their business’ by getting an outside perspective.

After winning this major contract, the Freeform Fabrication team is now busy working on the final stages of implementing the project. The help they have received puts them well on the way to successful delivery, and they have been asked to tender for more possible work in Romania.

Amanda Freeland commented, “It was a pleasure to support this small and technically advanced company. The starting point was when they won in a competitive local business award scheme, gaining the top grant from Stevenage Borough Council, and I was delighted to have the chance to then work with them on the Manufacturing Growth Programme.”

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