Lincolnshire manufacturer has surge of enquiries to support coronavirus pandemic | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Bourne based manufacturer, Nojerm Ltd, engaged with the Manufacturing Growth Programme to support with their tooling needs for additional manufacturing capacity for infectious control screens.

Infection prevention by design, supplying hospitals nationwide and overseas, all of Nojerm’s products have been developed in conjunction with healthcare professionals to meet critical needs, with years of experience in the medical world, and the ability to take a concept right though to a premium product.

Due to the spike in concerns around infections and transmitting of diseases within hospitals and the care community during the coronavirus pandemic, Nojerm have and are currently experiencing a large number of enquires for their product for immediate installation and for future placement.

Nojerm engaged with the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) and their Manufacturing Growth Manager James Bosworth to help with this demand. The Covid-19 pandemic has opened a huge market opportunity for Nojerm to help with current reduction transfers of virus and infections and to place safeguard opportunities going forward as current practices in healthcare establishments are reviewed across both the UK, Europe and globally. As a result of this demand the company has ramped up production and was in need of support to help with their additional tooling requirements.

MGP was able to provide Nojerm Ltd with grant funding to help subsided the cost of new tooling equipment so that they were able to supply the increase in demand to manufacturer their infectious control screens.

Ambrose Kingston, Managing Director or Nojerm Ltd comments, “Without the new tooling we would not have been able to commit to the increase in demand. We are constantly innovating, designing and creating new products, which we then manufacture for supply nationwide and overseas with all innovations focusing for a much safer, cleaner healthcare environments.”

“With years of experience in the medical world, and the ability to take a concept right though to a premium product, Nojerm are keen to be a partner of choice in the infection prevention and control industry. It’s been great to support them during this time.” Stated James Bosworth, Manufacturing Growth Manager of the Manufacturing Growth Programme.

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*With reference to previously published videos, Nojerm’s CleanScreen is using an alternative anti-bacterial additive, not Addmaster’s Biomaster as previously believed.