Leicestershire Engineering Company Utilise MGP Support to Keep up with Valuable Certification | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Sapcote Engineering Limited, like many SME’s facing new legislative requirements, were in need of particular welding expertise to help them to optimise their EN 3834-3 welding management system in order to maintain their EN 1090-1 Execution of Steel & Aluminium Structures standard and certification.

The Manufacturing growth Programme (MGP) were able to provide grant funding and which allowed for a strategic business review to be conducted and an expert selected to assist the business with the necessary area of expertise. Sapcote Engineering Limited worked with their selected expert to upgrade their welder management systems allowing them to move forward with their EN1090 certification.

Sapcote Engineering are an engineering solution provider who design, manufacture and install Automation & Robotic Systems including conveyors, platforms and walkways. Their main source of business comes from within the food and drink industry, but they also operate within the automotive, pharmaceutical and general consumer goods sectors.

Since their MGP improvement project the training and upgrades have been implemented and they have been successfully audited by BSI for compliance to EN 1090-1. The company fully intends to maintain their EN 1090-1 capabilities which will help to secure their prospects in the future.

“Although daunting at first, we have not looked back and since our first accreditation to EN 1090-1 we have secured over £1 million worth of fabrication work which has needed to be CE marked to EN 1090-1.” Said, Sean Maguire, Managing Director at Sapcote Engineering Limited.

The Manufacturing Growth Manager, who worked closely with Sapcote Engineering was James Bosworth. He said: “Continual improvement within Sapcote, around EN1090 will improve skill levels of employees, ensuring training is kept to the highest level possible, which will translate through to the quality of the finished goods, installation services and support services they offer.”

Sean also tells of an increase in sales of 11% on the previous year; due to a growing UK appetite to automate using robotics. This appetite has likely been fuelled by a combination of factors such as an increase in minimum wages, the descending cost of robotic technology making ROI more favourable and the drive to improve productivity.

In addition to all of the above, in the early stages of development at Sapcote Engineering, is a cracking test that they have been assigned. Literally, cracking; eggs to be precise. They are currently attempting to robotically crack eggs and deliver the egg into preformed packages at a rate of 1 egg per second! Quirky.

Since 2016, the Manufacturing Growth Programme has helped to create a total of 3091 jobs. One of these jobs has been created at Sapcote Engineering; expanding their operation and hiring another Robotic Sales Manager and also looking to further recruit for their Design Team.

The Manufacturing Growth Manager who worked closely with Sapcote Engineering, was James Bosworth. He said: “With a background in manufacturing and automation myself, it is great to come across companies like Sapcote Engineering, who are very much pushing technology and working extremely closely with their client base to improve efficiencies with both new and existing processes within their businesses and delivering solutions in the food and drink sector.”

James concluded: “I look forward to continually supporting all companies across the East & West Midlands in the manufacturing sectors through the Manufacturing Growth Programme, breaking down barriers to growth and raising levels of professionalism.”

More details on Sapcote Engineering Limited can be found at www.sapcote-engineering.co.uk

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