Hertfordshire jam manufacturer triples their production | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Young but fruitful, Pretty Gorgeous Jam Company Ltd is a business that has spun-off from a multi-award-winning cake making company. Acknowledging that the business was primed for growth, the company engaged with business support and has tripled their production as a result.

The creation of Pretty Gorgeous Jam Company Ltd was made possible by the handiwork of the business owner, Cynthia Stroud.   Cynthia is an award-winning cake designer who has also appeared as a TV food judge on Food Network and Channel 4. The business was formed in April 2020 with a plan to make exceptional jam for sale through retail outlets.

Being a new outfit, the business was making relatively small batches of jam. The domestic equipment being used made it difficult to achieve the output that Cynthia desired. The equipment had experienced timing and temperature problems which made quality control difficult.   Cynthia sought grant funding and business support from the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) to help her achieve her business growth aspirations.

Pretty Gorgeous Jam was supported by the local Hertfordshire Manufacturing Growth Manager of MGP; Amanda Freeland. Amanda has supported many SME manufacturers in the Hertfordshire region to grow their businesses, with her experience and her ability to provide grant funding through the programme. Amanda conducted a GROWTHmapper business diagnostic review of the business which stated that ‘Quality’ should be a focus for business improvement. It was agreed that capital funding would be awarded from MGP towards the cost of a professional jam-making kettle.

The new equipment has been invaluable; with it being more reliable and larger scale, it has increased production and ensured consistent batch quality.

The capital funding for the new equipment has created great outputs for the business. Their production capacity has increased by three times as much in volume, while also experiencing a 35% reduction in time and energy usage, and wastage has been reduced from 30% to nil. On top of these benefits, the business has already been able to develop three new products due to the shorter manufacturing timescales and the consistent quality of the production. Cynthia is also looking to recruit a new full-time person.

When asked “What advice would you provide to another SME Manufacturer who’s thinking of using the MGP”?, Cynthia commented; “Don’t wait until you think you’ve got everything lined up – seek help and advice from your local MGM early, as they can help you shape the project, and may be able to alert you to other sources of funding and support.”

Amanda Freeland of MGP has stated, “Cynthia has a really good reputation in food circles and has won many awards. It was a pleasure working with her and being able to provide some grant support to help the business move to a more effective production method.”

More details on Pretty Gorgeous Jam Company Ltd will be available at www.prettygorgeousjams.co.uk