Generous Birmingham Food Manufacturer Forecasts £1 Million Turnover after MGP Supports Upgrade to Sales and Operations. | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Winny’s Meals Limited is a food manufacturing company based in central Birmingham. The business prepares healthy ready meal packages supplying to supermarkets and direct to customers across the UK. They are the highest rated meal prep company in the UK according to Google, Trust Pilot, Yell, and Facebook.

Their customers consist of regular healthy eaters, people looking to lose weight or gain muscle, as well as elite athletes looking to optimise their performance through great quality nutrition. Winny’s Meals will also be increasing its revenue through a dedicated reseller channel, which will consist of selling at wholesale into gyms and health food shops.

They have been fortunate enough to find themselves in a unique predicament, where their largest obstacle, over the years, has always been that demand outweighed their supply capabilities.

The Sole Director, Shaun Sookoo has recently acquired larger premises to scale-up the business. The business is primed to grow from an annual turnover of £100,000.00 to a predicted turnover of £1,000,000.00 this year.

The business has been confronted with the challenge of controlling inventory levels, with customer satisfaction being a high priority. Without a process in place to monitor stock levels, Shaun recognised that he would need an automated system to combat this obstacle. Shaun has accessed support and grant funding from the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) to achieve his growth ambitions.

They worked closely with Sharn Haywood-Higgs, who is the Manufacturing Growth Manager from MGP for Greater Birmingham and Solihull. Sharn conducted a GROWTHmapper® analysis with Shaun to identify areas within his business that were working well and areas to improve. From the analysis it was identified that productivity and capacity were the business improvement areas that required the most attention.
With the results of the GROWTHmapper® business diagnostic analysis in mind, a business improvement project was organised and part-funded by the Manufacturing Growth Programme. The project resulted in the creation of a system to manage planning and costing through production. This system assists with the management of inventory, stock levels, and estimated delivery times.

Sharn commented on Winny’s Meals Limited; “This company is growing at a fast pace and is one to watch for 2021. It was a pleasure to work with Shaun and great to see how the company is progressing.”

Aside from the increase in turnover, the business has seen growth within the amount of staff that are employed, 2.5 jobs have been created and another supermarket has recently agreed to stock their products.

Winny’s Meals Limited are a very philanthropic business, they have created their own foundation called Winny’s Meals. Winny’s Meals has supported the provision of thousands of meals to the homeless.

Future improvements for the business are going to be focussed upon managing capacity. With the future of the business looking bright after some exciting TV exposure, it is hoped that there will be a rise in demand. Shaun is prepared to have in place the relevant systems and processes to accommodate for this activity.

Ultimately Shaun aspires for Winny’s Meals to become a household brand. Shaun was asked what advice would he give to an SME manufacturer who was thinking of using the MGP, Shaun answered; “100% just give them call, I can’t stress enough how the support is excellent and helps small businesses to grow faster.”

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Winny’s Meals Limited featured on Channel 4’s The Money Maker which aired at 9pm on 18th May 2021. Episode 3 of The Money Maker can be watched here: The Money Maker | Channel 4

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