Essex Manufacturer of Bespoke Wine Rooms seeks global expansion after MGP identifies new marketing opportunities | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Sorrells is the leading manufacturer of bespoke wine rooms, providing a luxurious service for private clients on a global basis. Sorrells is unique as the only business of its kind within Europe to offer every element manufactured in-house. They have created some extremely exciting projects, such as building a wine cellar on a yacht, in a penthouse in Dubai’s World Trade Centre, and in the Ritz while President Clinton was staying there.

Sorrells Wine Racks Limited was purchased by Managing Director; Tim Lewis in 2003, having recognised the business’ potential, and with a passion for wine and business, Tim set about to create a high-end manufacturing business. Tim’s dedication and passion for the business is as evident today as it was when he first purchased it. Constant innovation ensures the business keeps up with current trends and growing demand.

With a view to improving their business growth plans, Tim contacted the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) in early 2020. MGP assigned Tim with a dedicated local Manufacturing Growth Manager; Sarah Goodwin who supports a vast number of SME manufacturers across the South East Region of England.

Sarah Goodwin commented; “Visiting Sorrells and viewing the showcase wine room, I was immediately struck by the design and quality of work. It’s no wonder they have built a reputation with discerning and prestigious clients, and Tim continues to find ways to improve, showing UK manufacturing at its best.”

Sarah conducted a GROWTHmapper® analysis of the business which was used to identify business areas that are working well or in need of development. The outcome of the analysis was that there needed to be a focus on ‘change’. This finding was made evident as Sorrells had introduced new concepts to their products, utilizing glass more in the installations, focussing on new materials, and expanding their portfolio of products. With these changes, it was identified that their marketing communication needed to be developed to showcase their products.

The Manufacturing Growth Programme helped the business to select an expert to conduct their business improvement project. As well as providing an insightful business analysis and Sarah Goodwin’s tailored support, MGP was able to part-fund the cost of the business improvement project.

The marketing communication project included design, copywriting, and production of a storybook, including interviews and photographs of projects which helps to bring their products to life through the eyes of a prospective customer.

To support the new concepts; the company have invested in Virtual Reality (VR) which will give potential clients the opportunity to visualise their wine rooms, offering a unique experience. The marketing consultant was able to bring Tim’s ideas to life and offer insight and expertise to make the most of the VR experience for potential clients.

Tim and his team continue to look at new concepts, materials, and ways to improve the products for clients. Plans include expanding and growing further into Europe with America and Asia as new targets. They also plan to continue investing into the business, with innovative ideas and increasing the workforce.

Tim stated: “We are growing substantially, more interest in being at home and an increase in drinking fine wines is probably a contributing factor.”

When asked how has MGP helped the business, Tim answered; “a massive incentive for us to invest into the business, it has strengthened our position as a UK manufacturer to cement our position as the leading manufacturer and installer.”

We asked Tim what advice he would give to an SME Manufacturer thinking of using the Manufacturing Growth Programme, Tim stated; “Take the advice that is available as it can make a real difference developing your business and giving your company a boost with the grants.”

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