Essex Manufacturer Diversifying to Support Changes to Remote Working Across Communities | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Chelmsford based SME, Pioppo Ltd have diversified their manufacturing processes and are producing a range of hand-made affordable workstations designed for the home or remote worker.

The dynamic directors who care deeply about their employees and the wider community, were growing significantly pre COVID19 however they have taken a huge hit on their activity supplying to the retail and events industry but are determined to be back up and running as soon as possible.

Pioppo recognises that the global crisis will have a huge impact on the mental wellbeing of workers and so, the company will also be donating a percentage of every sale of a workstation to a National Mental Health Charity.

These workstations have been ergonomically designed by their own team of experts. They require no tools to install and they can be built, dismantled and rebuilt to promote a flexible work-life balance. The materials are sustainably sourced and are made in Essex itself.

The directors are striving to keep the business operational in order to welcome back staff as soon as possible once social distancing measurers have been lifted. The new venture will help to keep them stable as they were in a good position prior to the crisis, they are optimistic they can recover. And if the new venture is successful will be a new division of the business.

Managing Director Rachael Giordani comments, “By pivoting our business during this crisis, we are playing our part in supporting a community which has had to adapt to a new way of working from home.

“It feels good to support people overcome by the challenge of working from home with limited space. This is by no means a huge profit-making exercise for the Company – it is more about cost recovery and re-deployment of the team of skilled craftsmen.”

To find out more, click here or visit Instagram: @pioppo_works