CNC firm acquires new automation robots to support their expansion into more sectors | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Harris Repair Consultancy Service Ltd trading as Harris RCS is a CNC machining company which supplies various industries, but mainly the Aerospace sector.

The company has AS9100 accreditation which allows them to supply opportunities to both national and international Aerospace markets. Their quality, customer service and desire to constantly improve and embrace new technologies, puts them in a strong position for growth.

The first nine months of the 2019/2020 financial year saw increased sales of 17.73%. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, this reduced to an overall growth of only 0.32%. It was at this point that they sought support from the Manufacturing Growth Programme.

Michelle Connor, Manufacturing Growth Manager for Coventry and Warwickshire guided the company through a business diagnostic review. This process utilises the market leading business diagnostic tool; GROWTHmapper®. The tool helps business leaders to understand the key improvement areas within their business, it also shows what is working well. Harris RCS’ GROWTHmapper® results showed the business to have strengths in leadership, strategy, and change.

When Michelle and Managing Director Graham Harris formed an action plan together, it was decided that productivity and capacity was going to be the focus to bring about accelerated business growth. Michelle arranged for capital expenditure grant funding to be awarded which was used to purchase 2 automation robots which has meant greater productivity for the business. With the intervention of the Manufacturing Growth Programme the business has safeguarded 32 jobs.

Graham Harris commented; “These Robots are offering additional capacity for processes that can be bottlenecked. Just as importantly, they are allowing us to experiment and learn valuable lessons, as we become a more technology focused business”.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company knows that with investment in technology, they can expediate the growth to more than £4m. Harris RCS will be looking to diversify and offer services to other sectors including space and satellite, and currently they are producing parts for agriculture and farming.

Having suffered, along with many companies due to the pandemic, they believe this challenge also offers great opportunities to shape and structure the future operation of their business. They believe that through investment in technology, they can succeed and prosper against international competition.

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