Central Birmingham manufacturer supports NHS with visors | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Kenton Instore Ltd, Birmingham based point of sale manufacturer with 50 years of experience have evolved their manufacturing to support and protect the NHS by diversifying into producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The company has invested heavily in printing technology with their Inca Onset S40i –which has allowed them to provide their customers with high quality print at a low cost due to their state-of-the-art printer can print up to 500 metres an hour. Designing and manufacturing thousands of displays each year for all the major supermarkets and retailers, while also providing free 3D visuals, prototypes and art-working with every order to ensure they create the perfect display for their customers products.

Managing Director, Peter Hughes was contacted by an old employee who now works as a senior buyer for the NHS surrounding the opportunity to buy plastic sheeting to make visors for Nurses at the Essex Hospital – the Nurses were making their own visors out of A4 pocket wallets.

“When I got the call for plastic sheeting and heard how the nurses were making their own visors, I knew that we could support and do better than just providing the plastic sheeting so we designed visors that would be more durable and would offer full protection for the key NHS workers. As a result, we manufactured 25,000 visors.” Commented Peter.

As a result of the initial enquiry and being able to diversify their manufacturing Peter made contact with his local Manufacturing Growth Manager (MGM), Sharn Haywood-Higgs who Kenton Instore worked with on a business plan and strategy last year, to find out if there were any more contacts within the NHS that he could assist.

MGM for the Greater Birmingham and Solihull regions for the Manufacturing Growth Programme, Sharn introduced Peter to contacts at the West Midlands Combined Authority and partners who are coordinating the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the West Midlands region for front-line staff in response to COVID-19 as well as providing details of procurement opportunities through Openopps, a free resource that tries to pull together all open source tenders.

Sharn commented, “The COVID-19 situation has had a massive impact on many of our manufacturing companies, but it has been great that Kenton Instore has been able to diversify from an enquiry for help. This diversification will also help to save many lives in the future as, I am sure that the Peter and his team will be required to support all sectors with their products.”

Since then, Kenton Instore has had the visors CE Marked to 4 and 5 and they’ve supplied 60,000 to the NHS and Care Homes across the country. The company now has the capacity to supply other sectors such as Construction, Education and Manufacturing to support employees returning to work.

 For more details on Kenton Instore Ltd please visit www.fsdu.co.uk