Birmingham barbeque manufacturer invents a plastic-free product line after being inspired by BBC’s Blue Planet | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Grillstream Continental Ltd was incorporated in 2013 by Design Engineers Pete Neath and Ian Worton. The stylish collection of Grillstream barbeques were designed by the duo for upmost versatility, performance, and a clean way to barbeque. It is now a well-recognised brand throughout the UK.

It was during a BBQ cooking demonstration that Peter and Ian discussed the abundance of plastic sauce bottles and their concern for their effects on the environment – highlighted heavily by David Attenborough’s TV programme, Blue Planet (BBC). The pair went to great lengths to research, design, and invent the SauceStream® Squeezer. The product works in cohesion with the endlessly recyclable iconic glass bottles of the main brands of condiments, thus reducing plastic pollution.

SauceStream’s core objective is to reduce the level of plastic pollution in the world. SauceStream® is quick to remind us that over 60% of the plastic that is manufactured is single use, and is thrown away within minutes or hours of use. Furthermore, 8 million tons of plastic waste makes its way into our oceans annually, with devastating effects such as animals choking or suffocating whilst attempting to consume it.

The development of the new product required specialist marketing support, which is where the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP), assisted with grant funding and support for the commercialisation of SauceStream®. The dynamic duo have since set up a separate company for SauceStream® and is embarking on an exciting journey to market.

Peter Neath, Managing Director for SauceStream® commented; “The Grillstream and SauceStream® products are both highly inventive and patented; both new to Grillstream, new to the market, and new to the world.”

Sharn Haywood-Higgs, Greater Birmingham and Solihul Manufacturing Growth Manager for the Manufacturing Growth Programme commented; “The company has launched SauceStream® and have had interest from the Genting Hotel and home retailer Dunelm. They have utilised the expertise of MGP, Birmingham University (who helped to source manufacturers), and Roy Pulley who has 18 years of experience in new product development and introduction to market. This a great product that will reduce the use of single-use plastic to protect our environment. I am so pleased to be part of the journey to help them get this product to market.”

More details on SauceStream® are available at where the product can be seen in use.