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No ‘small change’ for motoring innovation born in East Yorkshire

An East Yorkshire investor has tapped into support from the Manufacturing Growth Programme to launch a new product that will prevent you losing your change, keys and bank cards under your car seats. John England came up with the ‘car seat gap filler’ at 5am one...

Get to know your Manufacturing Growth Manager

We have 19 Manufacturing Growth Managers who work with SME Manufacturers to help identify barriers to growth, provide expert advise to enhance growth and guide to further support opportunities to support SME aspirations. Get to know your MGM to build on that working relationship.

Maintain Growth by Increasing Productivity

In business we all aim to be more productive, defined as ‘the effectiveness of productive effort, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input’. Industry experts have some top tips to help manufacturers become more productive and maintain it to support growth aspirations.

Overcoming Growth Challenges

Your business is growing, and sales are increasing but you may now be facing efficiency problems, hold ups in manufacturing production, decreased motivation in staff, increased errors or you simply can’t keep up with the demand.