New CNC Machine at Jarvis Manufacturing | Manufacturing Growth Programme

In the last 5 months, Jarvis Manufacturing has invested in their 2nd CNC machine that cuts materials from digitised patterns, enabling them to keep production running and work on new prototypes/samples supporting them to become more productive.

“In 2016 it was decided we needed to move forward with technology and after some searching we found a machine specific to the textile industry. A Bulmer Assist CNC machine was installed at the end of 2016 along with the technology to digitise new patterns and our existing patterns saving space which currently stores the cardboard patterns.

“After allowing the machine to bed in we invested time and money for several staff to be trained on site for the digitising and using the CNC machine. Following this training the machine has been running at full capacity and our operators have asked for a second machine which is being discussed now.

“Along with this investment we have updated and replaced some of our specialist sewing machines bringing in a state of the art buttonhole machine, plus new zig zag and overlocking machines.

“All this investment and updated technology sets us up for the now and the future whatever happens after Brexit!” Stated Kay Smith, Managing Director of Jarvis Manufacturing.

More information about Jarvis Manufacturing can be found here.