Natural paint manufacturer pushes for regulatory change towards sustainable decor | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Herefordshire based Natural Paint UK Limited, owner of the premium brand Edward Bulmer Natural Paint was incorporated in 2017, creating paint made with an innovative plant based binder without plastics or harmful chemicals.

The company has the design experience to translate historic references into paint shades perfectly tuned for fashionable modern living. The products are the safest and healthiest on the market being plastic free, breathable, 100% natural, baby, child and pet safe whilst still providing a high performing paint. They work primarily with clients in the home, leisure, and interior design sectors, and have built a reputation in the restoration of heritage buildings.

Natural Paint UK recognises the importance of environmental regulations and impact for public sector clients. To help them maximise these opportunities, they worked with the Manufacturing Growth Programme on several projects. The business worked closely with their local Growth Manager Catherine Bray on a project to develop a Corporate Sustainability Impact Report for the business which the programme was able to part fund.

Natural paint manufacturing.The programme also supported the business with a strategic marketing plan to help drive new sales opportunities by re-evaluating their brand positioning. As a result, they have implemented bespoke production control software and are developing their online advertising.

Catherine Bray commented, “The continued delivery of the Manufacturing Growth Programme since 2016, has enabled me to build long term relationships with companies like Natural Paint UK Limited. It’s great to see them accessing funding from the programme to support areas of business improvement such as marketing, corporate sustainability and systems development.”

Emma Bulmer, Director of Natural Paint UK Ltd commented, “We are extremely grateful to the Manufacturing Growth Programme for its support – we small businesses need it.”

Natural Paint UK Limited has recently secured a new contract with the National Theatre and following this, they hope to work with more public sector organisations in the future. The company aims to influence regulatory change, which would result in a major shift in the UK paint market towards natural paints.

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