Kewell Converters Attend International Show | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Europe’s largest trade fair dedicated to the technical foam industry

News from MGP Clients Kewell Converters (KCL) – the UK’s longest established firm of foam converters.

“We have been successfully solving engineering problems in foam for our clients for almost 50 yrs. We are a private firm that is still wholly owned by the family. We have always been proud of our service, manufacturing excellence and design skill.

“We are easy to work with and have many clients who have been working with us for decades because they value our openness and integrity and our ability to problem solve for them as their needs adapt and change.   Whilst we are proud to be the ‘original and best’ of our industry we continue to invest in our three thousand one hundred square metre purpose built factory premises in Edenbridge, Kent, (just 90km from the Channel Tunnel) . We recently commissioned a contour cutter and this year made a specific investment in machinery for a particular client.

“We produce a significant array of case inserts which we can deliver at scale, with precision and to exacting standards. If you have a requirement for a new product case insert, we can assist with advice on design and manufacture – we have been doing it longer and better than anyone else!

“Our stand is the ideal place to discover the full array of issues we can and have resolved but you are most welcome to attend and see if you can pose a new and interesting question of the limits of foam material.  We would be delighted to show you a recent innovation in automotive racing where we have manufactured what we believe to be the thinnest mass-produced foam tubes for a client’s highly specific purpose.  We will also have on display a wide range of aviation, military, construction, packaging, medical and sports and leisure answers in foam to our clients interesting questions!  You should visit our stand to have the most enlightening conversation you will have at the show about the possibilities in working with foam and how we at Kewell Converters can provide an answer to a difficult question you have regarding protection, wear, insulation or packaging.

“If you know you have a specific issue to discuss please book a meeting with one of our key staff in advance by emailing us at in advance of the show. Do come and find us on stand 316 and follow us at:- #kewellconverters @KewellCon

“Our experience of exhibiting is that we are often busy having fun answering people’s questions and we would like to give you the best and most efficient experience possible. If you can’t book in advance its very useful for you to bring any drawings or specifications with you to the stand so we can give you the best possible service at the show and afterwards – we look forward to meeting you at Stuttgart, Germany!

“Please visit for full exhibition details”