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We Believe in Supporting and Driving Growth in Local Economies

Our main objective is to support SME Manufacturers to grow by identifying, understanding and removing barriers to growth and enabling sustainable business improvement. One of our targets is to connect SME Manufacturers to wider support to maximise opportunities for growth.

That’s why we work with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and their Growth Hubs. The local Growth Hubs join up national and local business support initiatives to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for businesses to grow and develop, acting as a signposting service across a wide range of topics.

The majority of the Growth Hubs across the country provide support for anyone considering starting their own business, or existing businesses in need of support and assistance to improve or grow.

Business Support Opportunities

Various topics of support can be offered via your Growth Hub to include;

  • Business start-up training and mentoring
  • Business growth and expansion plans
  • Recruitment and investing
  • Access to finance, including local and national grants and loan programmes
  • Premises and search for new commercial property
  • Workforce skills/training
  • Regulations and compliance

Plus, your Growth Hub may have a manufacturing expert who can work with you and your local MGP Manufacturing Growth Manager to support and develop your growth ambitions.

To contact your local Growth Hub, please click on the relevant links below.

Growth Hubs


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