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This month – Catherine Bray MGM for The Marches and Worcestershire region.


  1. What is favourite past time or hobby?

Spending time with my husband and 2 boys, we love outdoor activities like mountain biking and skiing, and going to the gym and cocktails with the girls!

  1. What are you most passionate about?

Helping small businesses to succeed. I don’t think people realise how tough it is being a small business owner and its great to be able to provide support and help them achieve their business goals.

  1. What is your proudest achievement?

Of course my 2 boys, but also achieving my Bsc in 1998 and MBA in 2006.

  1. What gets you out of your bed in a morning?

A cup of tea & a digestive!

  1. What was your dream job when you were younger?

Working as a Tour Rep somewhere hot and exotic!

  1. If you could choose, what would you like your legacy to look like once you retire?

I would hope that I have been a positive role model for my boys, providing them with a good work ethic, morals and family values.

  1. What’s one thing you have implemented in your role that you would encourage other colleagues to embrace and implement?

To always think about the bigger picture for the client’s business and what else I can do to support them whether that’s linking them with other business support programmes or connecting them with other local companies.

  1. How do you think the manufacturing community can collectively continue to engage and interest young people in manufacturing careers?

It is essential that we expose our children to as many opportunities as possible with regards to their future careers. There are so many jobs and careers that as a child you just do not know exist, let alone understand what you need to do to get in to such a career. Therefore the manufacturing community need to be more visible in schools from primary ages and play an active role in providing work experience and careers advice throughout the secondary school years.

  1. What are the main barriers to growth that you encounter with manufacturers?

Definitely Finance and Skills. Many of the manufacturers I work with have clear plans for growth but are limited by their ability to access or raise the required finance. Managing cashflow is always a challenge too.

Recruiting employees with the required skillset is also a challenge many of my client’s face.  This affects both recruitment for highly skilled roles and also the recruitment of apprentices that companies can train up to their specific business requirements.

  1. What is your view on the future of the manufacturing industry?

I have a really positive view on the manufacturing industry in the UK. It’s exciting to be visiting so many local manufacturers who are developing such innovative new products and leading the way in their respective industries.

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