Chocolatier explores branding and digital marketing to ensure business survival through COVID-19 | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Many companies, especially SMEs, have struggled to adapt to their quieter order books and furloughed workforces during the coronavirus crisis. Lauden Chocolate Limited have faced such challenges and have sought the support of the Manufacturing Growth Programme to support their survival.

Leeds based chocolatier, Lauden Chocolate Limited manufactures and sells high-quality chocolates to consumers and businesses such as restaurants, airlines and retail outlets across the UK.

During the lockdown, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, their business order book diminished and they were forced to furlough staff, leaving the Managing Director, Stephen Trigg fulfilling the online order book personally.

Furloughing staff was imperative to ensure that the skilled staff were retained for the future of the business. Like many businesses, their access to the Government’s Furlough Scheme has been invaluable to their survival.

Richard Halstead, the Manufacturing Growth Manager in the Leeds City Region for the Manufacturing Growth Programme, supported Stephen’s business through their challenges and helped them to gain grant funding towards a business improvement project, focusing on improving their branding and digital marketing.

Since March 2020, the Manufacturing Growth Programme has seen more demand for shorter-term marketing and product development projects and less for productivity and capacity building projects, this has been as a direct result of COVID-19.

The pandemic has shown that there is an increased importance in a business’s brand and marketing strategy to remain relevant in the markets they operate. SME manufacturers have also been investing in ‘market knowledge’ to better understand the way in which their sectors are travelling.

With Lauden’s business improvements in place, the aim is that their online orderbook will help their business to survive and once they return to ‘business as usual’ their orders will be further bolstered by their improved online presence.

Richard Halstead commented on working with Lauden Chocolate Limited; “Lauden are a great business with a fantastic product with amazing growth aspirations, Stephen has worked very hard and is determined to get the business back up and running once the pandemic is over”.

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