Barometer Good News Story – Evolve Beauty | Manufacturing Growth Programme

The customer

Evolve Beauty are artisan producers of natural and organic beauty products which are created in the most sustainable and ethical way possible. Their company ethos to make it as easy as possible for people to be healthy and green in everyday life. They truly respect our planet and are always looking for new ways to be green.

The challenge – Becoming carbon neutral

Evolve Beauty launched their first sustainability report this year in which they outlined in detail their commitments to being zero waste and carbon whilst being kind to all. It also features how they protect biodiversity and use clean chemistry

To enable them to become even greener, they work out of a wind powered eco studio. They have also upgraded their packaging to sustainable Grass Paper boxes which are created using up to 40% natural grass fibres, which are FSC certified and 100% recyclable. They save 99.9% more water compared to traditional wood pulp, save 97% production energy, and also generate 75% less C02 emissions.

Positive Changes

Evolve Beauty are thrilled to be the UK’s first climate positive beauty brand.

They are proud to have offset 110% of their carbon emissions with Earthly by supporting a project in the Amazon that prevents deforestation and carbon emissions.

Since Evolve launched, there has been fantastic growth in awareness about the importance of sustainability and natural wellness, and they have continued to evolve their own products and business to stay on the cutting edge of clean and green.

Laura Rudoe, founder and CEO commented: “I set up Good Ventures, the development company that makes Evolve Beauty 12 years ago. Our mission has always been to make products that are healthier, greener and kinder to us and the planet. We also want to help to push the boundaries of what is possible in this area to help the beauty industry evolve sustainably. We are honoured to have been awarded the accolade of the UK’s first climate positive beauty brand.”  

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