Barnsley homeware manufacturer brings production back to Britain | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Established in 2005, To Your Home Limited offers a range of products for the home, from sensor bins and air fryers, to weed membrane and kitchen sinks.

Their products are sold online through their website direct to consumers. Originally sourcing many products from the Far East; the business is now looking to manufacture products in the UK as they wish to utilise the Made in Britain brand and reduce the lengthy supply chains associated with sourcing from the Far East.

To help them reshore their latest product, an automatic bin carcass, the business sought help from the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP). Richard Halstead, Manufacturing Growth Manager for South Yorkshire guided the business through a GROWTHmapper® diagnostic review. The results of the analysis showed there were opportunities to improve their environmental and sustainability credentials by shortening their supply chain and reducing the number of containers being shipped in from China.

A business improvement project was put in place with MGP support to drive localisation and reshoring. The project focussed on designing new production tooling for an injection moulding tool to allow local manufacturing of their sensor bin in a newly designed bin carcass. Localising injection moulding can be a very costly exercise, with the funding from MGP it helped the business to take on the challenge and expense of doing so.

The result of this project has meant that the business has created a range of sensor bins which are new to the market.  With increasing sales from reshoring products, the business has increased its workforce by 10% and now proudly promotes a ‘Made in Britain’ mark on its website.

Sales are currently £3m and growing 10% year on year. The localised solutions have been forecast to generate an extra £1.5m a year.

Edward Dillingham, Director of To Your Home Limited stated, “This project was very much worth doing. Working with MGP allowed us to move a lot faster with our plans and meant we could get our new products to the market much faster.”

Richard Halstead commented, “With increasing costs associated with lengthy supply chains, manufacturing in the UK is becoming a much more viable option. To Your Home recognised this particularly with the bin carcass where the design meant that they were shipping a lot of fresh air.  By supporting the tooling costs with a grant from ourselves, we were able to facilitate a rapid and successful reshoring. It was also great to work with another forward thinking company that is continually looking at how it can improve and grow their business.”

Future plans for the business are to design and re-shore more products to the UK.

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