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Who Can Apply?

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To be suitable for the Manufacturing Growth Programme you must be able to demonstrate an intention to grow/improve.

You must be able to show a desirability to increase your businesses productivity and competitiveness.

    We are an SME

    As defined by the EU definition, this means your company or group of companies must have:

    • Fewer than 250 employees
    • A turnover less than or equal to €50 million OR a balance sheet total less than or equal to €43 million

    We are a Manufacturer

    Defined as: "A business that engages in any economic activity directly related to a product or production process they have researched, designed or produced, or otherwise hold core intellectual property in".

    We are able to demonstrate an intention to grow/improve

    This may be through creation of increased turnover, increased jobs and/or introduction of new products/services/processes.

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    You are eligible for Manufacturing Growth Programme support.
    Unfortunately it appears your Company is not eligible for the Manufacturing Growth Programme. Please contact your local Growth Hub to find out what other support may be available to your business.