20% sales boost for Essex food manufacturer using new growth strategy and investment in new premises | Manufacturing Growth Programme

Established in 1991, Managing Director, Andy Hyde started Traymoor Limited in his garage before moving into a unit on an industrial estate.

Traymoor Limited is a food manufacturer and online butcher that supplies areas in London and East Anglia. The business manufacturers and supplies high quality meat, poultry and game to the hospitality sector, schools, colleges, and catering companies.

With 23 employees and an increasing annual turnover, Traymoor wanted to focus on improving their productivity and capacity. The Company has taken on bigger premises to support their growth plans.

The company was challenged during the pandemic. However, Traymoor managed to overcome this setback and continued with their pre pandemic plans. The current challenges are avian flu affecting poultry supplies, the cost-of-living crisis and labour shortages.

Traymoor decided to work with the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) to support their strategy for growth. The Manufacturing Growth Programme is designed and delivered by Oxford Innovation Advice and funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Sarah Goodwin, Manufacturing Growth Manager for MGP, guided Traymoor through a GROWTHmapper® business diagnostic review. The conclusion of this review was to design a system which ensures Traymoor’s new premises are being used in the most efficient way.

The next steps were to employ a strategy for growth with an external consultant.

Sarah has built up a long-standing relationship with the business, supporting Traymoor on their growth journey.

The new factory has helped the company to achieve improved capacity and productivity. The company has already seen a 20% increase in sales and has invested in new equipment, which has improved efficiencies and aided employees to manage the tougher jobs of manual labour.

Traymoor have also introduced new product lines. Since increasing the product range, the business has gained new customers across the Southeast.

Sarah Goodwin commented, “Andy Hyde is clearly ambitious for Traymoor and it’s great to see a business recognise that working with good consultancy can help make the difference they want.”

When asked “Have you created any new jobs recently?”, Operations Director Andy Hyde responded, “Traymoor have already created 4 new jobs and aim to increase the team year on year as growth dictates. Increasing the product range has resulted in new customers across the Southeast.”

Andy Hyde continued, “We have been able to engage a consultant to help us in two ways: – with our growth plans and the design, layout of the new factory to ensure efficient processes and maximise productivity.”

“Access the Manufacturing Growth Programme for great, helpful friendly advice and to achieve your growth ambitions.”

The business has recently moved into their new purpose-built factory, the future focus for Traymoor is to ensure it is as productive as possible. Developing new product lines and exploring additional markets will be key to their business growth.

Find out more about Traymoor Limited here: www.traymoor.co.uk