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Productivity. What does it mean for an SME Manufacturer?

We’ve all heard of the word ‘productivity’ and in business we all aim to be more productive. Defined as ‘the effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input’. But what does it all really mean to UK SME manufacturers? Productivity puzzle, Industrial Strategy and more.

Shropshire electrical motor firm set to double

Supported by the Manufacturing Growth Programme, Ellesmere-based company currently employs 15 people but is having to gear up to meet demand with the first stage to move to a new bigger premises within the next six months with plans to double its workforce to more than 30 people in the next three years.

Get to know your Manufacturing Growth Manager

We have 19 Manufacturing Growth Managers who work with SME Manufacturers to help identify barriers to growth, provide expert advise to enhance growth and guide to further support opportunities to support SME aspirations. Get to know your MGM to build on that working relationship.

Productivity – What does it mean to Blackman & White Ltd

We interviewed Eiko White the Commercial Director of Blackman & White Ltd based in Maldon, Essex to find out what productivity means to them and how they’ve made long term improvements. From the key metrics they use to monitor productivity to what’s been implemented into the business.

10 Questions with a Manufacturing Director – Keven Kane

We want to find out more about the company’s we work with, and the Director running them. Finding more about the way they work and the tips they would give other businesses, here are ten questions with Kevan Kane, Managing Director of Technoset based in Coventry.